Photogrammetry Software Review: Remake VS. Photoscan VS. Reality Capture VS. Zephyr


Nick Lievendag from wrote a nice review of different photogrammetry software that is currently on the market. The review is covering four different solutions: ReMake from Autodesk (USA), Agisoft Photoscan from Agisoft based in Russia, Reality Capture from Capturing Reality based in Bratislava/Slovakia, and 3DF Zephyr from the Italian-based company 3DFlow. The first test is to find out which software can produce the best results in 15 Minutes (using the same input datasets). Interesting results – in my opinion we definetly should keep an eye on Reality Capture. Their algorythms promise to make enormous computing power less important, which seems to work quiet well. is also providing detailed reviews of the different software solutions for those who can’t decide what to use. Unfortunately Pix4D (or Esri’s Drone2Map) and Betley’s Context Capture was not part of the review, which would have been quiet interesting.

Here you can read the full article


Full review ReMake

Full review Photoscan

Full review Reality Capture

Full review 3DF Zephyr


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