Agisoft Metashape 2.0.0 pre-release

Agisoft hat die Metashape Version 2.0 als Pre-release mit einigen sehr interessanten Neuerungen zum testen herausgegeben!

Agisoft Metashape Change Log Version 2.0.0 build 15218 (14 October 2022, preview

Standard and Professional editions
• Replaced Sample Points command with additional source data options in the Build Point Cloud dialog.
• Refined names for some commands for more consistent and clear user interface.
• Added Zoom To command to point cloud context menu.
• Added Single-Sided Rendering option to Model/View Mode menu.
• Added multiple file selection support to Import Point Cloud command.

Professional edition:
Aerial lidar data support
• Added lidar point attributes support for point cloud import and export commands (return number,
timestamp, row/column indices, intensity, scan angle, source id).
• Added Laser Scans folder on Workspace pane for lidar point clouds to enable simultaneous use of partial
laser scans.
• Added laser scan based marker projections support.
• Added Enable/Disable commands for laser scans.
• Added support for Applanix SBET, Leica SOL and TerraScan TRJ trajectory formats for point normals
• Updated Build Model and Build Tiled Model commands to combine data from photogrammetric depth
maps with aerial laser scans.
• Added Solid, Intensity, Elevation, Return number, Scan angle and Source id view modes for point
• Improved ground points classification quality for aerial lidar data and added Return number option to
Classify Ground Points dialog.
• Added Show Laser Scans command to Model view toolbar with view mode selection options.
• Added bounding box display for point clouds and laser scans.
• Added Change Color… command to point cloud context menu.
• Added coordinate precision option to Import Point Cloud dialog.
• Added Filter by Return… command for point clouds.
Terrestrial lidar data support
• Added Align Laser Scans/Reset Alignment commands for terrestrial laser scans. Agisoft Metashape Change Log
• Updated Import Point Cloud command to import embedded images associated with lidar scans from
E57 files.
• Added support for user defined grouping of laser scans in the Workspace pane.
• Added Set Group Type command for laser scan groups which allows to use fixed external registration.
DEM editing tools
• Added Fill tool to patch DEM using configurable interpolation modes: constant elevation, best fit plane,
IDW, natural neighbours.
• Added Breakline tool to rectify elevation discontinuities like building edges.
• Added Edit DEM commands to shapes context menu in the Ortho view.
• Added Update DEM command to apply changes to the DEM data.

Metashape Professional 2.0 comes with a new license activation system. When updating from a
previously activated version it will use existing activation. New activations made with Metashape
Professional 2.0 will use a new license format incompatible with Metashape Professional 1.x