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OpenData & Airborne Laserscanning

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Gute Nachrichten für alle die ALS-Daten (Airborne Laserscanning) aus dem NRW-OpenGeodata Portal nutzen: die heute verfügbaren primären Messpunktwolken DGM1L und DOM1L sollen im 4. Quartal 2019 auf ein höherwertiges Produkt umgestellt werden (Full Wave Laserscanning). Die Daten des DGM1L und DOM1L sind dann in einem Datensatz zusammengeführt – neben sämtlichen…

Automated snow Avalanche 3D mapping using object-based analysis and near-infrared aerial imagery in ArcGIS

Snow avalanches are one of the most hazardous winter phenomena that occur in mountainous areas. They are dangerous to human lives, especially in tourist areas used as ski resorts. The Alps are the highest mountains in Europe. They are located across seven countries, but Switzerland is where the highest mountains…

Rolling Shutter: The Drone Mapping Problem No One’s Talking About

Interesting article from Pix4D referring to the „rolling shutter problem“ which occurs when a rolling shutter camera is mounted to a drone. Read More    

See the world in 3D with digital elevation models

Traditional imagery—be it satellite, aerial or UAV—provides valuable information about on-ground conditions. But the world is a three-dimensional place, and 2D imagery only shows part of the picture. We need elevation models to make these images real—and that’s where DEMs come in. Read More