RealityCapture 1.2.2 Released

Today CapturingReality released their newest update (RealityCapture 1.2.2) – a minor release that brings several enhancements and improvements to the existing solution.

RealityCapture Highlights:

  • RealityCapture Help is now available online for everybody and you can access it anytime. Start learning about RealityCapture features and CLI commands right now!
  • Enhancements to the 3Ds renderer – Display large-scale models and clean them out without having to use the clipping box.  
  • Faster reconstruction – Depending on the number of images expect higher speed-ups on larger datasets and smaller speed-ups on smaller datasets.
  • More accurate textures – The texturing has been enhanced to create more accurate textures on the edges of the contrasting colors.
  • Better handling of disk space errors – The new feature that pauses the application progress automatically when cache files fill the whole storage disk to avoid further issues.

Selected New Features:

  • Export a PLY format model with UVs and textures. 
  • Changed the default from the 2Ds to the 1Ds view. 
  • Export undistorted images in EXR format as 32-bit images.
  • Added native HEIC image format support. 
  • Added functionality to render objects from camera positions using a report function.
  • Set the minimal and maximal resolutions when unwrapping a model.
  • The default inspection method changed to Scene uncertainty and camera relations.

Here you can find the complete release notes.