Aligning turntable photos with a single mask in Agisoft Photoscan Pro

Agisoft introduces a new alignment parameter („Apply masks to Key/Tie points“), which was added in PhotoScan 1.4.1. It can be used to align turntable photos with background suppression using a single mask.

If Apply masks to Key points selected – masked areas are excluded from feature detection procedure independently for each photo. This behavior is equal to old Constrain features by mask parameter that was in PhotoScan 1.4.0 and older versions.

If Apply masks to Tie points selected – certain tie points are excluded from alignment procedure. Effectively this implies that if some area is masked at least on a single photo, relevant key points on the rest of the photos picturing the same area will be also ignored during alignment procedure (a tie point is a set of key points which have been matched as projections of the same 3D point on different images). This can be useful to suppress background in turntable-like shooting scenario with few or even with a single mask.


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