Agisoft Photoscan Update to Version 1.4.0

Agisoft recently released the latest update for Agisoft Photoscan Pro on 19th of September 2017. Features like stereoscopic measurements, vegetation index calculaion (with radiometric calibration), configurable datum transformations, new data formats and uploaders to services like sketchfab or melown where added. Here the complete change log for the newest update:


Agisoft PhotoScan Change Log
Version 1.4.0 build 5076 (19 September 2017, preview

Standard and Professional editions
• Added Animation pane with fly through video export support.
• Added incremental image alignment support.
• Added Move Region, Move Object and Scale Object tools.
• Added camera thumbnails display in Model view.
• Added Alembic format support for model import/export.
• Added FBX format support for Import Cameras command.
• Added Calibrate Colors command for vignetting and brightness calibration.
• Added support for multiple dense clouds/models in a single chunk.
• Added point cloud support to Sketchfab uploader.
• Added use visibility consistent mesh generation setting to Preferences dialog (experimental).
• Added Refine Mesh command (experimental).
• Added Import Video command.
• Added Details section to Progress dialogs.
• Added Enable mipmap generation option to Preferences dialog.
• Added Calculate point colors option to Build Dense Cloud dialog.
• Improved demosaicking quality for DNG images.
• Revised main menu.

Professional edition
Stereoscopic Measurements
• Added Show Images toolbar button to display image overlays in Model view.
• Added vertical and horizontal split screen stereo modes.
• Added 3Dconnexion Space Mouse and Stealth 3D Mouse support.
Vegetation Index Calculation
• Added Calibrate Sensitivity command with radiometric calibration plates and configurable albedo
values support.
• Added support for radiometric normalization based on camera exposure parameters and irradiance
sensor meta data.
• Added Bands tab with Normalize band sensitivity option to Camera Calibration dialog.
• Added separate black level values for each spectral band.

Configurable Datum Transformations
• Added Datum Transformation Settings dialog.
• Added support for geoid import from 3rd party formats.
• Added support for constant vertical datum offsets.

Data Formats and Uploaders
• Added Indexed 3D Scene Layer and Cesium 3D Tiles formats support for tiled model export.
• Added support for camera reference import from APM/PixHawk flight logs.
• Added point normals and image export support to E57 format.
• Added support for orthomosaics/DEMs/tiled models upload to Sputnik Web.
• Added support for tiled models upload to Melown.

• Added support for scanned aerial images with fiducial marks.
• Added Survey Statistics command.
• Added dense point cloud filters by classes and selection.
• Added multispectral texture support for models and tiled models.
• Added Remove Lighting command for models.
• Added support for multiple tiled models/DEMs/orthomosaics in a single chunk.
• Added offset estimation for fixed camera rigs.
• Added Layer index option to Camera Calibration dialog.
• Added Load camera calibration from XMP meta data option to Preferences dialog.
• Added Ignore labels options to Import CSV dialog.
• Added automatic adjustment of unpinned marker projections in case of disabled refinement.
• Added transparency to shape layer properties dialog.
• Added Attach Markers command for shapes.



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