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RealityCapture Version (Pre-release)

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Check out the latest pre-release of RealityCapture (Version from CapturingReality including a range of new tools and functionalities. Highlights are the new „Map Wizard“ which supports processing drone data and producing georeferenced maps, the new report function and of course the possibility to create normal and displacement maps during texture reprojection. You can find all new features, changes & fixes below:


  • MapWizard – new step-by-step wizard for processing drone data and creating georeferenced maps
  • Map reports – export of reports for georeferenced ortho projections, their display in a map
  • Support of 16-bit/HDR images for import and texture creation
  • Improved Texture reprojection tool: added generation of displacement and normal maps, trilinear sampling and supersampling
  • Improved CLI functionality – many new commands
  • Localization into German (UI, Help, Reports)

Selected new features:

  • Export model with cameras into alembic (*.abc) file format
  • Textures in the 1Ds scene tree
  • Possibility to display texture in 2D views
  • 2D TEXTURE context ribbon
  • Support of multi-layer textures – now you can see all texture layers in the 1Ds view as well as display them in a 2D view, each layer can be exported through the Model Export dialog
  • Possibility to enable/disable displaying texture alpha in 2D views
  • Option for cleaning imported models when non-manifold edges are detected
  • Possibility to apply rotation to each axis in the Model Export dialog – use if you want your model to be aligned with different types of default coordinate systems in Maya, Zbrush, etc.
  • Choice between 2 tone-mapping methods in the 16-bit/HDR Import dialog: local Windows codec or RC tone-mapping
  • Conversion of imported 16-bit/HDR images to tone-mapped 8-bit images
  • Support for RGB float (96bpp) HDR images
  • Project and model name included in the default name of exported models and ortho projections
  • Possibility to choose a pixel format of exported textures
  • Possibility to export models as PTX and LAS files
  • Booleans in settings‘ panels changed to Yes/No, Enable/Disable, On/Off.


  • New CLI commands:
    • select a component, a model or an ortho projection by name
    • export a component (registration) with its name as a parameter
    • rename a selected component
    • delete the cache
    • delete a component or a model
    • duplicate model
    • export reports
    • change the project or output coordinate system
    • export a sparse point cloud
    • texture reprojections
    • define a distance
    • get the progress information
    • select a component with the least reprojection error
    • select images from an image list
    • set preferences for selected images
    • import a video
    • export XMP for a selected component
    • reset ground
  • Changed order of parameters for commands exportRegistration and exportUndistortedImages (previously exportRegistrationUndistoredImages) – the original order of parameters cannot be used anymore
  • Added possibility to run RealityCapture commands with drag-and-dropping an .rccmd file into the application
  • Added possibility to use settings‘ files as optional parameters and reduced the ending of commands with Ex (deprecated commands)
  • Added warning messages into the console for deprecated commands – the commands will be removed in the future
  • Updated error messages

Selected fixes:

  • Crash during detection of April Tag markers 
  • Incorrect display of tone-mapped HDR images
  • Crash during import of e57 files
  • Unwrap texture utilization and speed
  • Mesh artifacts created during simplification occurred when heavy triangle count reduction was chosen (e.g. less than 1% triangles, or to 10K tris)
  • Long texture reprojection time for models with large number of textures
  • Simplify command not accepting the .xml file with parameters
  • Incorrect rendering of ortho projections in us-ft
  • Import of a model with disabled texture resulting in an empty model
  • Models created under wrong components when another component selected during the reconstruction
  • Direct upload to Sketchfab
  • Blending in the exported texture
  • The Detect markers tool not available before input images have been added
  • A reprojected-to layer not shown when the reprojection finishes
  • Incorrectly displayed error message when loading a flight log for images not present in the project
  • Export into Collada (.dae) file format
  • Incorrect depth layer scale for ortho projection
  • Incorrect project saving when a new name of the project was a part of the original name
  • Image preview not shown in the rendered video
  • Change of settings not taken into account when not confirmed by the enter key
  • Incorrect display of the Point Rect and the Lasso tool cursors
  • Incorrect string being shown in the console during detection of markers
  • FBX export progress

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