GIS Analysis & Cartography

GIS Analysis & Cartography

One of our core skills is the generation of spatial analysis and GIS-based maps.
In addition, we offer professional consulting services and training courses on the topic of GIS and geoprocessing.
We employ Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in order to acquire, process, organize, analyse and present spatial data.
We use orthophotos and digital elevation models (DEM) to create digital map products.
Completed map products may be delivered in all common file formats and reference systems or, optionally, as a database (GIS- and AutoCAD compatible).
Besides digital map products, we are also happy to provide printed maps.

Spatial analyses

  • location planning (wind turbine, landfills, solar parks, shopping center etc.)
  • land suitability analysis
  • visibility analysis
  • surface, process und structure analysis
  • hydrological analysis
  • analysis of building or surface models (sections, contour line etc.)
  • geostatic analysis

Remote sensing

  • editing of digital remote sensing data for GIS or AutoCAD
  • interpretation and classification of multispectral satellite images or orthophotos
  • evaluation of multitemporal satellite images -> Change Detection
  • vegetation indices, for instance normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI)


  • thematic maps
  • land use planning and mapping
  • overview maps
  • map series
  • register of contaminated sites
  • biotope mapping
  • habitat mapping
  • tree register
  • mapping and digitalisation service

Geodata management

  • geo-referencing, digitalization and editing of geodata
  • acquisition of geodata
  • conversion of geodata
  • geodata base design

… and much more …