Photogrammetric surveying (airborne and/or terrestrial)

Photogrammetry is a measuring method in which spatial information of objects is obtained from photographic images. Objects that are difficult to access, such as facades and roof structures, or extremely extensive areas (river courses, pits, etc.) can be surveyed efficiently and cost-effectively using UAVs. Photogrammetry software is used to evaluate the photographic images. The result is a 3D point cloud and/or a mesh of the captured object. Photogrammetry is a very good alternative / supplement to laser scanning.

Corridor surveying

  • Recording of extensive corridors by photogrammetry & laser scanning
  • data acquisition with RTK system
  • UAV or fixed-wing aircraft
  • daily performance: UAV at 1.5 cm GSD and 80m strip width – Ø 10km/day
  • acquisition of power lines, river courses, roads or rails
  • data transfer in the tiling scheme of your choice

Photorealistic 3D visualizations

  • photorealistic visualizations of buildings / landscapes
  • interactive walkable 3D applications based on UnrealEngine
  • VR/AR applications

Building Measurements

  • fusion of laser scanning and photogrammetry for seamless pointcloud/mesh of buildings (interior & exterior)
  • dimensions & sections of buildings
  • creation of 2D-CAD plans (AutoCAD)
  • creation of 3D-CAD & BIM models (REVIT)
  • orthoprojections of facades (sub-mm)
  • deformation analysis
  • facade orthophotos

Mine and Stockpile surveying

  • 3D surveys of pits and stockpiles
  • documentation & surveying of excavations and backfills
  • settlement analysis of dumps and backfills
  • surveying and documentation of recultivation areas

Volume & Mass determination

  • Volume and mass calculations, cut-fill analysis of fills, excavations, pits or stockpiles
  • By using UAVs equipped with RTK GNSS, masses and volumes can be determined quickly and reliably

Land Surveying

  • Land surveying services
  • Elevation models
  • CAD-plans
  • GIS-maps
  • Boundary detection

Roof Surveying