Photorealistic 3D-models with laser scan accuracy

3D-modelling is defined as virtually depicting and constructing real objects with a computer. The software we employ is able to digitally construct realistic models. By matching textures and digital illumination a deceptively real, high-precision model is created – according to the customers specifications and wishes. The calculation is based on a series of photos, upon which complex surfaces and structures are calculated applying photogrammetric methods. Precision and quality of dense point clouds created with photogrammetry are equivalent to those created with laserscans. However, if required, a higher precision and quality may be achieved. Compared to laserscan technology, photogrammetry is more cost-efficient and easier to accommodate to the requirements.

Further advantages of photogrammetry are that no shading effect occurs in the periphery and higher point densities are possible, which means that more details may be depicted. We model large objects, as for example buildings and terrain surfaces, as well as small objects as sculptures or antique items, which we photograph with our high-definition cameras on the ground. The position accuracy of the models is guaranteed by applying ground control points with a RTK GPS-system.