High resolution digital orthophotos

High-resolution (centimeter range) digital orthophotos

Digital Orthophotos (DOP) are free-from-distortion and true-to-scale images of earth’s surface, derived from aerial or satellite pictures through photogrammetic procedures. Up-to-date digital orthophotos are an important basis for various planning processes, which lay special stress on high precision, e.g. in urban planning or architecture.

We prepare georeferenced, digital orthophotos of surfaces of any desired size. A high resolution up to millimeter range guarantees high precision and detail reproduction. Ground Control Points and RTK GPS-systems provide for position accuracy. Generated orthophotos will be delivered in a file format (e.g. TIF, IMG, ECW) as well as a coordinate system of your choosing after being edited to suit your purposes best.
If you wish, we also analyze our orthophotos (e.g. conducting classifications) or generate thematic maps.


Orthophoto of a part of the Westwall close to Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia. By clicking on the picture, you get a high resolution detail of the image (pixel size 1×1 cm).

High-resolution Orthophotos of facades

Besides orthophots of terrain, we also compile detailed and true to scale orthophotos of building facades, e.g. for reconstruction in CAD.

  • Orthophoto einer Schloss Fassade