Laser scanning (ALS/TLS)

3D laser scanning enables the non-contact digital surveying of objects in highest accuracy. The technology is becoming increasingly important in the field of AEC/O industry. Here the technology is used to create deformation-true measurements of buildings and facades, or to survey infrastructure that are difficult to access such as bridges, railroads and hydraulic engineering structures. We offer terrestrial- (static & mobile) and airborne laser scanning services throughout Europe.

Laser scanning produces a a three-dimensional pointcloud or mesh that can be used for a wide variety of applications. The pointcloud can be used to generate digital measurements of buildings such as facade plans, sections and floor plans, as well as construction documentation and inspection documents. Other important areas of application are archaeology and heritage preservation. The measurements generated in this way not only serve as a basis for building application documents or execution planning – they also enable complete reconstruction in the event of natural changes or destruction.