Aligning turntable photos with a single mask in Agisoft Photoscan Pro

Agisoft introduces a new alignment parameter („Apply masks to Key/Tie points“), which was added in PhotoScan 1.4.1. It can be used to align turntable photos with background suppression using a single mask. If Apply masks to Key points selected – masked areas are excluded from feature detection procedure independently for each photo. This behavior is … Weiterlesen

Photogrammetry Software Review: Remake VS. Photoscan VS. Reality Capture VS. Zephyr

  Nick Lievendag from wrote a nice review of different photogrammetry software that is currently on the market. The review is covering four different solutions: ReMake from Autodesk (USA), Agisoft Photoscan from Agisoft based in Russia, Reality Capture from Capturing Reality based in Bratislava/Slovakia, and 3DF Zephyr from the Italian-based company 3DFlow. The first … Weiterlesen

Agisoft Photoscan Update to Version 1.4.0

Agisoft recently released the latest update for Agisoft Photoscan Pro on 19th of September 2017. Features like stereoscopic measurements, vegetation index calculaion (with radiometric calibration), configurable datum transformations, new data formats and uploaders to services like sketchfab or melown where added. Here the complete change log for the newest update:   Agisoft PhotoScan Change Log … Weiterlesen

Photogrammetry De-Lightning Tool in Unity for photogrammetry enthusiasts

Unity’s senior technical artist Cyril Jover shared the video of the new tool, which will prove useful for photogrammetry enthusiasts. Basically, it uses some clever algorithms to remove all the unnecessary lighting information from the scan and make it more usable for environment design. The De-Lighting process requires an environment map that exactly matches the … Weiterlesen

Besuchen sie auf der CeBIT vom 20.03.-24.03.2017 – Halle 17, Stand A 30/32 neben dem BVCP e.V. ist als moderner Dienstleister für UAV gestützte Informationstechnologie und 3D-Modellierung auf der CeBIT in Halle 17, Stand A 30/32 neben dem Bundesverband für Copterpiloten e.V. zu finden. Die CeBIT ist die weltweit größte Messe für Informationstechnik und findet, wie in den Jahren zuvor auch, wieder in Hannover statt. Die Messe ist der diesjährige Brennpunkt, wenn … Weiterlesen