Agisoft Metashape Version 2.0.0 Release (31.12.22)

Agisoft officially released the new Metashape version 2.0 on 12/31/22. We have already tested the “preview release”
version – especially interesting for us is the fact that Metashape supports the analysis of laser scan data
(Airborne & Terrestrial). Laser scan and image data can now be evaluated together. In the coming weeks we will
introduce some of the new features in detail.

For Metashape Pro users who already own a license (version 1.x) the update to version 2.x is free of charge!
Version 2.0 has a new license activation system. When updating from a previously activated version, the existing
activation is used. For initial activations of version 2.0 a new license format is used, which is not compatible
with previous versions.

Here an overview of the most important new features:

Version 2.0.0 build 15597 (31 December 2022) & Version 2.0.0 build 15218 (14 October 2022, preview release)

Standard and Professional editions:

• Added Displacement map generation support to Build Texture dialog.
• Added Process and Filter commands to the point cloud context menu in Workspace pane.
• Added Group by… command to the images context menu in Workspace pane.
• Replaced Sample Points command with additional source data options in the Build Point Cloud dialog.
• Added multiple file selection support to Import Point Cloud command.

Professional edition:

• Added Import Trajectory command.
• Added Set Trajectory command to the point cloud context menu.
• Reworked powerline detection algorithm to produce more robust results.
• Added Import Markers command to Batch Process dialog.
• Added Keep existing ground points option to Classify Ground Points dialog.
• Updated EPSG to version 10.077.

Aerial lidar data support

• Added lidar point attributes support for point cloud import and export commands (return number,
timestamp, row/column indices, intensity, scan angle, source id).
• Added Laser Scans folder on Workspace pane for lidar point clouds to enable simultaneous use of partial
laser scans.
• Added laser scan based marker projections support.
• Added Enable/Disable commands for laser scans.
• Updated Build Model and Build Tiled Model commands to combine data from photogrammetric depth
maps with aerial laser scans.
• Added Solid, Intensity, Elevation, Return number, Scan angle and Source id view modes for point
• Improved ground points classification quality for aerial lidar data and added Return number option to
classify Ground Points dialog.
• Added Show Laser Scans command to Model view toolbar with view mode selection options.
• Added bounding box display for point clouds and laser scans.
• Added Change Color… command to point cloud context menu.
• Added coordinate precision option to Import Point Cloud dialog.
• Added Filter by Return… command for point clouds.

Terrestrial lidar data support

• Added Align Laser Scans/Reset Alignment commands for terrestrial laser scans.
• Updated Import Point Cloud command to import embedded images associated with lidar scans from
E57 files.
• Added support for user defined grouping of laser scans in the Workspace pane.
• Added Set Group Type command for laser scan groups which allows to use fixed external registration.

DEM editing tools

• Added Fill tool to patch DEM using configurable interpolation modes: constant elevation, best fit plane,
IDW, natural neighbours.
• Added Breakline tool to rectify elevation discontinuities like building edges.
• Added Edit DEM commands to shapes context menu in the Ortho view.
• Added Update DEM command to apply changes to the DEM data.

You can download the new release here.

Do you have questions about the new Metashape version or are you interested in a training? Feel free to contact us: