DJI P1 – first data processing & sample imagery

The new Zenmuse P1 for the M300 RTK is already eagerly awaited by many DJI Enterprise customers. The camera has a full-frame sensor with interchangeable lenses (fixed focal length) on a 3-axis gimbal. With the P1 the Chinese are bringing their first integrated full-format sensor to the market. DJI wants to set new standards, especially in the field of surveying. The camera will be available from middle of March and can be pre-ordered from us now.

We have already received P1 imagery from our partner ProFly Center for testing purposes. The data was processed with RealityCapture, Metashape Pro and DJI Terra. You can find some of the results below.

In order to give our customers an impression of the image material, we provide a subset of the project for download (109 images with RTK fix, incl. Timestamp.mrk & PPKRAW.bin).

Download P1 Imagery

Due to the high demand the download may not work – in this case please write us an email (, we will forward a download link to your email.

Project Data:

The average flight altitude was about 170 metres with 23 minutes flight time. The flight covered 0.9km². A total of 957 photos with RTK fix (924 nadir and 33 oblique photos for height correction), the GSD (ground sampling distance) is 1.9 cm. Unfortunately there are no gound control points available. Captured in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.

Preview Pointcloud – processed with Metashape Pro in “Ultra High” (cloud was reduced from 2,9 billion to 100 million points)

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist DOP_Bild-1024x453.jpg

Data processing

The photogrammetric evaluation yielded good results in all software solutions used – the corrected focal length could be calculated in all programms with very low error, which suggests accurate height information in the point cloud. With the calculated reprojection errors we can also assume a high internal accuracy. As soon as we get data with control points we will publish a detailed test project.

Metashape Pro 1.7.1: effective reprojection error 0.226 pix and max. reprojection error 0.958 pix

Download complete processing reports: Metashape Pro, RealityCapture und DJI Terra

Are you interested in the M300 RTK and the P1 camera? Do you need advice or training for Metashape Pro, RealityCapture or DJI Terra? Contact us at and request a quote. – your partner for photogrammetry, laserscanning & GIS

In cooperation with: ProFly Center – DJI Academy

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